Being a leading business and employer in the Pilbara region, Karratha Asphalt are well-known in the community. We take pride in reinvesting money back into the local economy, ensuring the region is strong and vibrant.

One of Karratha Asphalt’s initiatives involves reducing the costs of business in the Pilbara, helping start-ups gain a foothold and prosper. This helps the local economy strengthen through competition, providing locals with great services, products and businesses.

We take pride in being an industry leader, with a strong focus on the community and the use of environmentally sustainable materials. The combination of global thinking at a local level enables us to contribute effectively to the region, with cost-effective strategies ensuring the Pilbara continues to grow and thrive.

As responsible, proactive and involved members of the community, we are proud to provide assistance and support to many organisations in the community. For support please contact our main office.

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