Karratha Asphalt specialise in a wide range of innovative earthworks and roadworks solutions, with a commitment to sustainability. We use a combination of conventional and recycled materials, including:

  • Asphalt
  • Asphalt with Recycled Asphalt Products  (RAP)
  • Spray Seal
  • Concrete recycled roadbase
  • Cold mix quarry products
  • Recycled glass sand

Recycled Concrete

Recycled roadbase concrete reduces the amount of concrete entering landfill and is perfect for many construction applications. We ensure our recycled concrete is properly graded, binds and compacts well, and can be used in any conditions, including wet weather, reducing lost time and productivity.

This product is recommended for projects such as carparks and roadways, footpaths, driveways and brick landscape paving, where it can be used as a sub-base layer. It can also be compacted into layers for building pads, and used as a base course layer for carparks and roadways.

Using recycled concrete provides a material that is strong and resistant to wear, as well as being impervious to water. It won’t shrink or expand like clay base gravel, while its low density makes purchase and transport more cost-effective.

Recycled Asphalt Products (RAP)

Karratha Asphalt recycles deteriorated road material by pulverizing it and then mixing it with new asphalt. This reduces the amount of asphalt put into landfill, creating a sustainable product that is more cost-effective and requires less energy than ordinary methods.

Recycled Glass Sand

We recycle glass by crushing it into sand for roadbase products. Glass is a unique product that can be recycled an infinite number of times, making it a product that doesn’t need to be put into landfill and wasted. Known as cullet, this is an excellent substitute for sand and ideal for a number of applications. These include concrete items, bedding and backfill, landscaping, an aggregate base for roads, and in asphalt blends for road surfacing.

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